February's 100% Pure Orders

If you've been to my blog you won't be surprised at all to see that I made another purchase from 100% Pure. They have such great products that I tend to make several stops at their online store each month. I'm just glad that they don't charge shipping. That way it really doesn't matter how many orders I place each month.

At the beginning of the month I received my order for these yummy items. Two of them are reorders; the lip balm and the night cream. But the other two were new to me. 

Surprisingly enough, I'm not thrilled with the nail polish. I had been dreaming about how amazing a polish from 100% Pure would be. It took me a long time to decide on what color to get first. I finally went with Innocence. It's a light pink that I was hoping to use in a French manicure. Now that I have it, the bubble has been burst. It's a very thin formula and after 3 coats I still don't have good coverage. They do have a great return policy so I could always return or exchange it for something else.

The Long Lasting Concealer with Super Fruits is pretty good. The color is White Peach and goes great under the foundation powder. When you first open the compact the concealer look sort of dry but once you dive in with your brush it magically becomes creamy. Once on, it has a shimmering effect that reflects the light. It's not as tinted as I thought it would be.

Since I haven't posted anything about the lip balm I'll let you know now that it's a great choice if you're looking for an organic option. I keep it with me all day and use it regularly. The cherry scent is nice and light and doesn't smell like candy flavoring. I really like it.

Now on to my favorite item from this order, the Vitamin A & CoQ10 Wrinkle Smoothing Night Cream. First off, I have to admit that I'm getting lip creases. (I refuse to call them wrinkles. Lol) I'm still battling them but after a month of regular (obsessive) use I am seeing serious results. My lips are very hydrated and more plump than they were when I started. I'm going to be getting more of this!!!

100% Pure Bright Eyes, eye mask to depuff and brighten

About the middle of the month I noticed a new product being offered for a very low price so I placed an order for it. This Bright Eyes Mask is supposed to depuff and brighten. I was in such a hurry to try it that I opened it right away. 

I don't really have an issue with puffy eyes so it couldn't have helped me in that area. I fight with dark circles and that was why I jumped on this. I do think that it made the skin under my eyes a bit brighter in color but I didn't really see much of a change in my dark circles. However, it could be because I already use their Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream. I also liked that the eye masks were very cooling and refreshing for tired eyes. 

My last order for February just came in. I couldn't be happier. The Honey Almond Hand Buttercream was part of their "scent of the month" promotion. Since I was running out of the other flavors; Vanilla Bean, Coconut, Blood Orange, and Lavender (read the reviews here) I grabbed this one too. 

The Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel I got by redeeming some of my Purist Points.... So it was FREE!! I love that they are offering full size products in their rewards program!!! 

I've already placed my first order for March. Have you? 

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  1. awesome haul! love 100% pure eye cream and mascara!

    1. Thanks. How do you like the mascara? I was looking at them today to add to a future order. :D


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