Small Shoe Share Video

Finally published.... my very first YouTube video. This is a first try using the YouTube publishing platform. The finished product is far from perfect but it was so much fun to record, edit, record some more, edit some more, and finally set to music. LOL

I have to admit that we had to record twice because all of the video we took the first day ended up being edited down to 1:55 and you couldn't really see the details on the shoes. So, the second day we recorded again, trying our very hardest to be serious. What we ended up with was about a 5 minute video that was put away over the Easter festivities.

Now that the holiday is over I figured that it was high time to have this thing published. Watching it again brought back the memories of all the giggling and laughing. To top it all off, we opted to use the best that YouTube music selection had to offer from it's 150,000 collection. LOL. Somehow it seems fitting. I do hope you enjoy!!

Making this video was such a fun learning experience. The biggest thing that I learned is that we need to purchase a video editing software and find a better music selection. If you have a suggestion for either, I'd love to hear it. I'm currently using a Windows base laptop as opposed to a MAC.

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  1. iMovie is good for editing movies! I also use windows movie maker sometimes!

  2. So fun! I have not mastered video's, but you did a good job.
    xo, Lee

  3. Awesome! I need to start working on video.
    XOXO, Rachel


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