100% Pure Scent Of The Month

For the past several months I've been treating myself with hand cream from 100% Pure. Each month they promote a different scent and offer most, if not all, of that product line at a sale price. So far I've been very happy with their offerings.

For the month of December the scent was eucalyptus. I've used their Eucalyptus Shower Gel (review here) and I did like it. However, I passed on hand cream in that flavor. For January there doesn't seem to be a hand cream on offer. I do hope they have something for me next month.

100% Pure Hand Buttercreams

I am sort of crazy with the amount of hand washing that I do in the course of a day. So hand cream is very important, especially in the winter. This little collection that I have started has really helped to keep my hands moisturized.

100% Pure Vanilla Bean Hand Buttercream

I've already posted a review for the Vanilla Bean Hand Buttercream (here) so I won't bore you with the repetition.

100% Pure French Lavender Hand Buttercream

I remember being thrilled when I saw this was the flavor of the month. This was one of the very first 100% Pure products that I ever purchased. When it arrived in the mail I was even more thrilled because it smelled exactly as I remembered. This is a very nice, light, long lasting scent. It's not over powering but it can be distinguished at a distance. I used some in public and heard the pleasant comments of a group going by. I hadn't realized that the smell could travel that far, that fast. I'm thankful they enjoyed it.

100% Pure Coconut Hand Buttercream

This one was a bit of a surprise. I'm not really big on coconut in general. When I use this cream I'm torn between the thought of macaroons and suntan oil. I'm sort of visual and my imagination flashes to me sitting on the beach eating coconut candies. I'm not sure about you but to me that just seems sort of a silly. A tropical mixed drink would be more appropriate. Lol

100% Pure Blood Orange Hand Buttercream

I don't know that I had ever smelled blood orange before so I was very curious about this one. It's definitely citrus, which I really like. It's also very strong. I love it for an extra sensory pick-me-up. Citrus smells make me happy. Do not use this if you want something subtle because subtle it is not.

Now I could have just as easily picked any scent and paid the regular price, since it's only a few dollars more. But where's the fun in that? There is just something special and sort of exciting about waiting to see what will be offered and wondering if it's going to be something you're going to like.

Of course I've totally skipped over how well the products work in favor of chatting about how they smell, so I'll touch on that now. I'm pretty sure they all start with the same base and the only difference between them is the fragrance. At least that's how I treat/use them but I could be wrong.

I've found these creams to be very concentrated. You only need a little bit to cover both hands. In applying the cream I am careful to keep it on the backs of my hand and fingers. It doesn't soak in well on my palms. I really love how soft my hands are when I use these. They feel really moisturized as well. Also, since the creams are so concentrated and I only need a little at a time, they are lasting a good while. I'm sure it helps that I'm buying a different type ever month and alternating which one I use.

I'm still planning on placing an order with 100% Pure this month. I'm really curious about their primers.

Do you have a favorite hand cream? Have you used 100% Pure products? I'd love to know what you think. Please tell me your thoughts or link to your product review in the comment area below.

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