Vanilla Bean Hand Buttercream

I love a body product whose ingredient list reads like a food label. So it's no surprise that I adore 100% Pure products. With the cold weather just around the corner and all the dry heat that my hands will be tortured by I had to put in an order for hand cream....

100% Pure Vanilla Bean Hand Buttercream

... and what a hand cream this is. They call it buttercream and buttery it is. I generally get it in lavender but they were having a sale... and you know how it is with sales.... so I picked up their scent of the month to give it a try.

Wow! The vanilla scent is intense. I put some on last night and I can still smell it this morning.... even after all the times that I washed my hands. I am impressed!

It appears that 100% Pure is doing a scent of the month promotion. August was vanilla, I wonder what September will be.

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  1. I haven't come across this brand before, but I love vanilla scents and always need a good hand cream. Will be checking them out now!

  2. They are amazing!! I just put in another order, this month's flavor is lavender. :D


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