100% Pure Green Tea Face Wash and Toner Review

Quick Update: Last month I did a review on the 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream (here). I really like it but can't use it everyday, the way that I would like to. The reason: caffeine gives me a headache. I don't drink coffee, tea or soda so I didn't realize it until I had used the eye cream for several days in a row. My original review has not changed at all. I really like the eye cream and it works exactly as they say it should. I gave my tube to my mother (who loves and drinks coffee all day long) and she has had wonderful results as well.

Now, on to today's review:

I started using these at the same time I started with the eye cream, a little over a month ago. I wanted to give this group a little time before I made my review.

So, here it is: I love this set and highly recommend it!  

Why? Because I have really dry skin and suffer from occasional bouts of scabbyness, which was the case when I started with this cleanser and toner. My rash went away immediately and hasn't come back and my face isn't feeling stripped from the daily wash routine. Also, I generally have a very small breakout when my cycle comes around, and that time has come and gone with no breakout at all.

I use this set every morning as well as in the evening on days when I have used makeup. I didn't purchase the moisturizer with the cleanser and tonique because I have an amazing moisturizer that I am not ready to give up, just yet. Read about it here.

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