DermaE Tea Tree and E Creme - Product Review

This is a product review for DermaE Tea Tree & E Antiseptic Creme.  

This product claims to use Tea Tree and Vitamin E to sooth, restore, and hydrate skin. It claims to be good for blemishes, sunburns, skin dryness, dermatitis and rashes.
Since I have extremely dry skin, especially in the winter, I wanted to try it and see if it could stand up to these claims.

I have been using DermaE Tea Tree & E Antiseptic Creme for about a month. I am very happy with how well it has worked. I have been using it every morning, after my shower, on my hands as well as my face. Here is a close-up of my skin:
In this image I am wearing a powder foundation with no concealer (I am also wearing lip color, of course). Before I started using this product, I had been thinking of changing to a liquid foundation because of how dry my skin is. Powder foundation usually just makes me even more dry. Since I have been using this DermaE creme, I have had no problems with dryness.
The down side to this product is that it smells like Tea Tree oil. I have no love for the smell, but I'm not going to let that stand in my way. If you can stand the smell, it's a great product. If you can't, you will not like this at all, regardless of how well it works. The smell does go away after a while, so I don't really mind.

Here is where you can get some. Do note that the packaging has changes. I personally like the old look better but that doesn't have any affect on the product itself.

This was not a sponsored review. DermaE did not compensate me in any way for posting this review. The product that I have was a gift from my sister-in-law who is not in any way affiliated with DermaE or any company that sells DermaE.

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