Leather And Cashmere

Colder temperatures have finally come to my part of the world and I've been forced to break out the sweaters and boots. I'm really not that upset about it since I now get to wear this beautiful black cashmere. I'm also thrilled with these cute leather boots. They aren't over the knee, as is all the rage, but that would be lost with this beautiful wool skirt. Wrapped up cozy and warm!!!

Ann Taylor Black Cashmere Sweater, Custom Made Burgundy Wool Skirt, Newport News Black Leather Boots

Looking at my sweaters from last year, I realized that there are more than a few that I don't care for. This gave me the opportunity to pass some on to those who might need them. We have a local church that provides a free "Clothes Closet" to the community. I try to stay in the habit of dropping something off at the start of each new season. Being able to make donations to local charities helps to keep me in the spirit of giving all year long. 

Gold Filigree Bracelet, Gold Figaro Bracelet, Gold and Diamond Heart Ring

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  1. I really adore this look. LOOOOVE the color of the skirt, and the boots as GORGEOUS.

    It's so wonderful to have you back, Jessica, and looking as lovely as ever. :-)


  2. I would say that is one of the few advantages of this colder seasons.. boots and comfy materials! :)

    Looking gorgeous! :)

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  3. The pictures are so great! I love the post:)


  4. Lovely look, it's perfect for a more professional atmosphere.



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