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No matter what your day is about, you need organization. The most important thing to organize is your time. I've made an "almost the end of the year" resolution to be more organized with my schedule. From waking up early, working out and a good breakfast to laying out my tomorrows the night before and getting a full nights sleep. I'm finding that not only am I getting more accomplished in a day, but I feel great and have more energy..... without the kick start of coffee. Lol

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  1. LOVE this look. You look so beautiful in pink, and argyle. I know I've said it before, but again, am SO glad you're back! :-) <3


  2. I am always striving to be better organized as well. I love this outfit, it's perfect!


    Pumps and Push-Ups

  3. I love soft gray with blush or baby pink. Great sweater, shoes and clutch. This is a very chic work outfit.

    Welcome by. Ada =)


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