St Ives Exfoliating Body Wash - Product Review

This is a product review for St. Ives Exfoliating Body Wash with Sea Kelp & Mineral Salt
I have extremely dry skin. While I do use moisturizers, it is also important for me to exfoliate well.

Years ago, when I was in high school, St Ives had an amazing apricot scrub that my mother Always had on hand. It was amazing! It looked like a thick oatmeal and apricot facial and it smelled wonderful. Well, I've seen the new apricot scrub and it's nothing like the old stuff. So I wanted to try something that I wouldn't be tempted to compare to my first favorite from years past.

 I found this, Sea Kelp and Mineral Salt body wash, on one of my drug store shops and wanted to give it a try.

This product claims to smooth, renew, brighten, and provide moisture to your skin's surface. While I'm not really sure what all of that is supposed to mean, I do know the point of exfoliating.

After using this product, once a week for about a month, I have to say that it does what I bought it for. It exfoliates very well. I have been very happy with it and have noticed an improvement in the softness of my skin, especially on my hands.

While it is labeled as a body wash, I have also been using it as a face exfoliator. If you do this, be very careful that you don't get any in your eyes and that you don't "scrub" your delicate facial skin. Be kind and gentle when washing your face. 

Remember that after you exfoliate, you need to use a deep moisturizer. I like this one.

The down side: While the front of the packaging says "100% Natural Exfoliants" and "Made with natural ingredients" I would say that this item is far from being truly natural. It does use salt as an exfoliator but the ingredients also list Sodium Laureth Sulfate which is said to be a "corrosive". In this case, I'll count that as a good thing.

I picked mine up at Walmart but you can also get it at

Disclaimer - This was not a sponsored review and I did not receive any compensation for posting this review.

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