Studded Heels

I posted a peek of these heels (here) and finally have a chance to tell you all about them. I have seen studded heels as a trend for this spring but I haven't liked any of them. Mostly I am seeing large, long, spike, studs on heels that make me think of some sci-fi movie from the 80s. I'm not really into that sort of fashion statement. Are you?

Anyway, I picked these heels up to go along with a fine silk blouse I have. This fits into the classic style that I'm going for but also adds color.

These shoes also come in under budget because they are from Payless. Not my favorite place to shop for heels but when you have a specific set of features (the colors yellow & beige, and classic style), you don't argue when the only pair you can find is there.

They are casual enough to go with jeans and then turn around and pair them with formal wear. I will get a lot of use from these shoes.

I'd tell you how to get them, but I couldn't find them on-line. I suppose that if they don't have them at your local Payless, you can't have a pair.

Just kidding. For compairable heels, visit my Pinterest - Trends For 2013 page to see what's new.

Disclaimer - This is not a sponsored post. I am in no way affiliated with Payless or any of the designers promoted on my Pinterest page.

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