Here's A Peek - Shoes For April

Around Christmas time last year I gave away or donated almost all of my shoes. I had so many but they were pretty much all the same; some version of black heels. I know, boring right? I did keep a pair of brown boots, black heels, brown flats and my favorite pair of strappy heels. These basics should carry me until I have a chance to rebuild my new shoe collection. I want shoes that reflect more of who I am and what my values are; colorful, fun, functional, classic, and of fine quality. That last one is going to be a hard one to bring to fruition, on a small budget, but I'm not going to let that keep me from hitting my goals.

I hope you noticed that the first thing on that list is "Colorful". This is my focus for spring. I want lots and lots of color. I have been planning out my spring/summer wardrobe and the colors are so lovely that I don't want anything to be lost on the shoes. I also happen to be very "matchy-matchy", so I'd like to have that reflected in my shoes and jewelry as well. I'll get to jewelry in another post and just stick to shoes for this one.

With the crazy winter weather, I have had no interest in going out and shopping. I'd rather just stay inside and skim over the offerings online. That all changed on Friday. What a beautiful day! And to make matters even better, it was Good Friday and there were so many sales! It was a great day for shopping!

So, here is a sneak peek at what I've picked out for April:

The first is my absolute faborite for the month. It is funky fun! The second is very classic and the third is a pair from my old wardrobe. The thing that they all have in common is that they go with my color theme for April....

I'm going with khaki and yellow. Yep, I said Yellow! Think butterscotch yellow silk, bright yellow micro-knit as well as yellow stripes and plaids. Since spring hasn't started blooming yet, all of these yellows will be muted a bit with tan/beige/khaki/linen.

If you'd like more of a peek into my spring wardrobe, hop on over to my sewing blog and see what's in the works.

What colors do you have planned for April?
Have you found that great pair of shoes for spring?

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