Age Reversal Face Wash

100 Percent Pure Organic High Potency Reversal Age Corrective Cleansing Foam

I have been using this for months and it works so well that I've splurged for the set... or part of it anyway. There are actually 6 products in this line but I only added the toner and plan on getting the moisturizer. 

The first thing that struck me about this item is the weight. There are 6 oz here but the real weight comes from the glass bottle. And let me tell you that it makes me nervous to use it. Lol. I guess they figure that if you are old enough to have mature skin, then you should be old enough to be trusted with a glass container. Seriously though, I feel like I'm going to drop it when I'm try to pump out the product with wet hands. 

The trade off is that it comes in this beautiful, maroon colored, glass bottle. I think it's really pretty and quite luxurious. 

It has a very nice, light, fresh scent. Not that that should be a surprise since there are so many flowers listed in the ingredients. 

A little goes a long way. I can tell already that this bottle will last me more than a few months. Not much comes out with each pump and I've found that I don't need any more than that. So far I've used it regularly for 6 months and have only used 1/3 of the bottle. 

It's very gentle. I guess that I expected it to be a more astringent cleaner so when I first started using it, I would wash my face twice. Soon I figured out that that wasn't necessary. It lathers very well and rinses without a residue. 

And Yes, it does work to remove small creases. I had a few, above my lip and at the corners of my eyes, that I have been obsessing over. I'm happy to report that the obsessing is over. They are gone!! And that fully explains why I'm ordering more in this set. 

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