The Best Shampoo!!!

The best shampoo you can't find in stores!! Ugh! If I had only realized, I would have gotten a case. 

My raves: 
~ Somehow it actually thickens your hair. Seriously, I have no idea how it works but one of my girls has hair that is so fine that when you feel it, it doesn't feel like anything. Her hair doesn't tangle, it's literally impossible to tease, and has absolutely no body. Lol, she started using this shampoo and started complaining about how thick her hair was getting and that she had to change up her routine because she had to take a few minutes and actually brush it now. Lol. 

~ It left my hair feeling very clean in one wash. I generally like to wash twice so it was a definite time saver. 

~ My hair was shiny and wasn't frizzy. When it starts to look dull, I like to use a little something to bring back the shine, generally one every 2 weeks, maybe. And I usually have frizz that's tameable with a hot iron. I didn't have either of these issues with this shampoo. 

Ok, so I know that is a short list of raves but it's good enough for me. Unfortunately, the store it came from no longer carries it and I can't find a retailer on-line. Help!!! 

Have you tried this? What did you think?

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