Refresh and Renew

January is all about new beginnings, starting fresh with new goals and clearing out the unwanted. For me, this year especially, January is going to be about cleansing. I don't know about you but during the holiday season I have eaten more junk than in the rest of the year combined and I am feeling rather sluggish. My cleanse of choice for January is:


They used to say that sugar would rot your teeth and I have eaten so much sugar in the last two months that I shouldn't have any teeth left. Well, thankfully the dental community has changed their tune in regards to sugar in general. Now I am told that cavities have more to do with an acidic pH in your mouth. An acid pH is also said to be a contributor for cancer and all sorts of other health issues. With what I've eaten, I am sure that I am acidic and now is the perfect time to change it.

Here's my 4 step plan of attack:

1. Water With Lemon - Yes, yes, we all know that we should drink more water. But did you know a simple way to alkalize is to add lemon or even lime to your water. It works for me because the taste of plain water gets old after a while and this is a beneficial way to change it up.

2. Cut Sugar & Grains - If you are anything like me you have eaten jars full of cookies, plates of cakes and pies and enough stuffing to fill a nice sized bird. Personally, I've had my fill and am looking forward to cutting grains out of my diet for a while. I will be steering clear of wheat, oats, rice, rye and even corn.

3. Add More Color - Red radishes, Orange carrots, Yellow potatoes, Green avocados, Blue berries and Purple plums. I am really looking forward gobbling up as many colorful fruits and vegetables as I can get my hands on.

4. Switch Protein - When you think of protein you generally think of beef, poultry and fish. I'll be switching my protein source to nuts (especially almonds), legumes (yummy lentils) and seeds (pumpkin and sunflower). Unlike most health-nuts, I'll also be avoiding soy.

Wish me luck and good luck with keeping your resolutions this year. 
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