Looking To Fall

I never think about the seasonal fashion changes until the weather starts to change. Just this morning I woke to a chill in the air. I could almost smell the autumn coming along, bringing with it brisk winds that will blow away the warm colored, fall leaves.

Soon we will be enjoying a magical time of change in our environment and I'll be itching to get out some of last years favorites; like my super long, plaid, fringed scarf and black wedge boots (that I never blogged). But what do the designers have for us in their 2015 Fall Ready To Wear collections.... I visited Style.com to find out.... and started adding my favorite trends to Pinterest.

This is a work in progress since I couldn't possibly go through all those designers in a day. I am enjoying my browse and taking note of the trends that appeal to me; long turtleneck sweaters, wide belts, collars, and pants, fringe, maxi dresses... all done in neutrals with some ombre thrown in for good measure.

I'd love to see the Ready To Wear trends that you pick up on. Link to your blog post or pinterest board, in the comments, so I can see. :D

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