Colors Of Summer - Lemon and Lime

For the past few summers, I have developed a fondness for yellow and have been collecting that color in my wardrobe. Lime green, on the other hand, has never called out to me and so does not take up a lot of room in my closet. It has only ever occupied one small space in my shoe collection; namely my Shoe Republic La, lime green wedges. I fell in love with these wedges before I ever tried them on. How thankful I was when I realied how comfortable they were.

Until recently, my poor wedges never got out to play. Thankfully, I ran across a cute peasant blouse (Old Navy) in the same lime green. . Thankfully, there's enough time left in the summer to enjoy this fun duo.

Colors of Summer - Bright Pink, Lime Green and Sunny Yellow

For a fun day of running around I grabbed my denim maxi skirt, a fun and colorful Candy Crush tote and this citrusy pair.

Sterling & Pink Pearls

Shoe Republic LA Green Wedges

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  1. This is so pretty! <3


    1. Thanks Terry. I appreciate your visit to my blog. You are such an encourager. :D

    2. Of course! Have always loved your blog and style! I'm still so glad you've come back!


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