Spring Into Shape

While January was about new beginnings and February was the month of showing love, March holds the official start of Spring in the northern hemisphere. How I have longed for Spring, the flowers, the warm sun and all that goes along with them... such as a return to flowing skirts and strappy sandals.

But wait, I'm not ready for skirts and sandals yet. I still have a few extra pounds and inches left from those heavy holiday meals (Thanksgiving and Christmas)... and I couldn't possibly have recovered from the chocolates and deserts from just two weeks ago.  Oh what is a girl to do?

Well, since Spring will not be held at bay waiting for me to get ready, I suppose that I will have to get in gear and be ready before Spring gets here. Here are a few of my favorite, at home, "Get ready for Spring" resources:

1. I am a Pilates nut. If you have never heard of Pilates I strongly recommend you check it out. I have been doing this form of exercise, off and on, since I was in high school. Anytime that I want to get toned this is my go-to activity. I always get results.

2. Belly Dancing is so much fun! A few years ago we had a dish with several hundred channels and one of them must have been the fitness channel or something. I could watch (and workout along with) just about anything you could imagine. I really had a blast with Belly Dancing, it's so much fun. While I don't have dish now, I do have YouTube and that offers great possibilities. Here are links to the Shimmy series.

3. Have a Ball. I'm not much for using equipment but I do love the workout ball. Basically it's a giant inflatable ball that you use to strengthen your abdominal (stomach) muscles by trying to balance on it while doing various exercises.

4. Get encouragement from "Friends". I hate working out in groups so you will not catch me at the gym but I do love sharing my workouts and getting props from other fitness fanatics. If you haven't joined yet, here is your invitation to join me on Fitocracy. Let me know when you join and I'll follow you. :)

While I can get carried away with fitness, I always try to keep a good sense of humor about it and not get stressed out. Here is one of my favorite fitness posts from a non-fitness enthusiast, a must read.

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What are your favorite ways to get or stay fit? I'd love to hear about it.

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