Curling Iron Review

Hot Tools vs. Helen Of Troy
I have been using these 1.5 inch curling irons for about a year now and really loved them both. In the beginning I would have told you that there really was no huge advantage that one had over the other. However, over time, one of these has stood out as an all around better product.

Here is the Helen of Troy iron. As you can see there are only three settings; high, low and off. With the texture of my hair, high is my setting of choice. This iron heats up quickly every time.

The Hot Tools iron has two controls. The first is simply an on off switch. The second is a heat temperature adjustment. I keep my iron set exactly in the middle. This iron takes a moment to warm up but stays hot forever. It also has a swivel cord that spins itself out of tangles and out of the way. 

After having and using these regularly for a year there is a great advantage of one over the other. Simply put, the Helen of Troy iron likes to go to sleep on the job. It heats up quickly but you had better use it quickly before it decided to cool off. Personally, this is more than a little inconvenience. Oh, I'm not kicking her out or anything, she can still stay at my house but she has been relegated to the guest bathroom. 

As for the Hot Tools iron, that one sits prominently on my counter, ready for use.
What's your favorite curling iron?

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