Embrace Horizontal Stripes

At an early age I was taught that horizontal stripes make you look wide and vertical stripes make you look tall. So why are there so many designers offering tops and pants that have horizontal stripes? Who would want to make themselves look wider than they really are? Not me!!!

So, with there being such a predominant trend for horizontal stripes, what is a girl to do? Let's embrace them together in a way that will be flattering and fun.

Color and the amount of color makes a huge difference in how things appear. White and other light colors tend to draw things forward or make them look bigger. Dark colors tend to push things back or make them appear smaller. With this info you can either flatter or falter in your use of horizontal stripes.

Here are 4 tips to help you find and wear stripes with confidence:

1. Stay Solid - When the majority of the piece is a single color, it will give the overall effect of being a solid... and no one is afraid of wearing solids, right?

2. Start Small - You don't have to grab the brightest, boldest top in the store. Start with small, wide spaced stripes and see how you like them.

3. Placement Is Everything - When it comes to horizontal stripes, placement is the key. You want a slimmer waist, bust or hips? Dark horizontal stripes, placed in these areas, will make them appear smaller.

4. Attract Attention - Your outfit isn't just that one piece. Add attention grabbing jewelry to draw the eye where you want it. Shinny or bold pieces do the trick very well.

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    1. Thanks for jumping over and for the compliment. :)


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