Monday Morning Freebies

Let's start the week off going in the right direction, shall we?
Let's get some free stuff!
For You
L'OREAL Paris is giving away a FREE product sample! Click here to order your FREE L'OREAL Paris Revitalift, Miracle Blur, Instant Skin Smoother! Get this great offer by filling out the requested information so you can get your sample shipped directly to your house. The instant skin smoother is a finishing cream with SPF 30, that leaves a velvet soft matte finish on your skin that lasts all day.
L'OCCITANE is giving away a FREE product sample. Click here to put in your email and you will automatically receive a coupon for a FREE sample of L'OCCITANE En Provence new fragrance. L'OCCITANE En Provence introduces their new fragrance line, La Collection De Grasse containing the most precious ingredients that smell luscious.
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Disclaimer - I am not affiliated with any of the above companies.

I sent away for my free samples and wanted to pass the links along to you. Let me know when you receive your freebies and how you like them.
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