3 Simple Steps For Storing Cashmere

Spring is fully in swing and now is the time to pack up the cold weather sweaters. I also like to take this time to sort out the items that I don't plan to keep. Donating things that are still very usable gives me a nice feeling and I encourage you to try it yourself.

I have enjoyed my collection of cashmere sweaters and wool coats and plan to continue to add to it next fall. In the meantime those fluffy dreams need to be put away so they will be fresh when I'm ready for them again. (In addition to my cashmere, I also have a few Angora and lesser wools.) 

Here are the steps that I have found to keep those treasures like new and ready for next winters enjoyment.

1. This process starts by sending them out to the cleaners. I generally do this in batches, starting with the ones less used. Inevitably there is a bit of food or some other unnoticed issue that, if unattended, could turn into an unsightly mess once it oxidizes in storage. 

2. As I get them back, I take my time, folding them around acid free paper and packaging them, neatly folded, into large clear tubs with tight fitting lids. It's important to not overpack your containers. The key is to pack them loosely to maximize airflow.

3. Since my containers aren't made from cedar, I improvise and use cedar blocks. I don't want any of these lovely fibers to become lunch for an uninvited pest. It is very important to make sure that none of the cedar comes into contact with your clothes. The wood has natural oils that could damage them.

If you have cashmere or wool goods I encourage you to pick up this practice as well.  My cleaner charges $4 per sweater so the expense is really minimal compared to the purchase of new pieces. Also, this practice extends the life of my items in an amazing way. For example, one of my favorite angora sweater has been with me since high school. 

Do you have a special process for packing away your winter fashions? I'd love to hear what you do. 

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